I’m a designer and illustrator based in the UK. It’s nice to meet you!

I create all sorts of things, from instructional articles to fiction book jackets, from paleoart to graphic novels, from flyers to magazine covers. I’m passionate about understanding demographics, communicating a message, and creating all-round awesome products.
I’ve worked with some cool people like Uncooked Media, Sweatdrop Studios, Imagine Publishing, Letraset, Hullabalu and more.

Want to get chatting with me about a project you have in mind? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration
BTEC in Graphic Design

A Few Clients and Collaborators…

Uncooked Media
Imagine Publishing

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Things En has done…

2016 Sweatdrop Studios rebrand [Original/Design]
New logo, new layouts, new merch, new look. We’re sparkly and renewed!
2015 NEO Magazine #139 [Original/Article/Illustration]
Tips for portraying different textures in your work.
2015 Is This Your First MCM Comic Con? [Original/Comic/Collaboration]
A short comic about the comic con-going experience! Written and drawn by Sonia Leong, colours by Rowan Clair and myself. Appeared in the May MCM 2015 conbook!
2015 Threads – Fashion Artbook [Original/Illustration/Collaboration]
THREADS is a collaborative artbook celebrating fantasy fashion, including exclusive works and tutorials by 16 international artists. The book launched at London MCM in May.
2014 Rel El One [Original/Comic]
A story about sixth form students Aurella and Elisabeth as they muddle through their A-Levels and their relationship.
Twenty Thirty Three [Original/Comic]
A convey of homeless survivors make their way through the British countryside in the wake of a terrible disaster.
Hullabalu [Original/Illustration]
A series of environment illustrations for the animal characters of Hullabalu to explore.
2012 Chasing the Wind [Original/Comic/Anthology/Collab]
A youth is inspired to seek out ruins of the past.
Fantasy Artist Magazine #37 [Original/Article/Illustration]
An article walking through the process of designing a fantasy village environment.
 Blood and Lumps [Original/Comic]
Gender Dysphoria, pain, ultrasounds, biopsies, people being horrendous.
2011 Digital Artist Magazine #24 [Original/Article/Illustration]
Pointers on how to create your own digital artwork using various techniques.
2011 Fighting Fantazine #7 [Original/Illustration]
Cover to ‘Queen of Shades’ by Paul Struth.
2011 “What Is It Katy?” [Original/Comic]
Katy is on a train journey to a not-so-far-off destination, you have limited time to speak with her before her stop. What will you ask Katy?
2011 Those of No Class – From Sand To Water [Original/Comic]
Fay and Khern continue their journey through the desert, only to find upon reaching the all-important Towers leading to the capital city of Lyndfall that the worrying events in Fay’s home have begun to spread.
2011 Octopus [Original/Strip/Anthology]
Humphrey the Octopus grows a beard.
2011 Alcohol and That [Original/Strip/Anthology]
The dangers of being the only one sobre when around fellow teenagers and students at university, and who gets to carry them all home and clean up the vomit?
2011 Non-Repro #4 [Original/Comic/Anthology]
Those of No Class teaser.
2011 Fighting Fantazine #5 [Original/Illustration]
Cover to ‘Bones of the Banished’ by Brett Schofield.
2010 Those of No Class – One From Many [Original/Comic]
Khern, emissary of the capital city of Lyndfall, travels to the southern reaches of the continent to investigate a breach of airspace by the Federation.
2010 Fighting Fantazine #3 [Original/Illustration]
Back cover illustration.
2010 Fighting Fantazine #2 [Original/Illustration]
Cover to ‘Shrine of the Salamander’ by Andrew Wright.
2008 Dreams UK Artbook [Original/Illustration/Anthology]
15 UK artists in one book.