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Small update!

Hello! Just a quick text post to say I’ve been doing some cleaning up of my tumblr to get it back into shape. :D What was meant to be purely an art blog has had very few art posts on it recently, and a whole lot of video game screenshots whoops.

This probably won’t affect many people following, but just in case, here’s the info:

You may or may not have seen my custom Animal Crossing designs I’ve been posting on this account. There’s so many of them, and so many more to post, that I’ve moved these to their own sideblog so as not to distract from the art I post. If you’d like to see new designs that I post, please follow En’s Animal Crossing Designs! I won’t be posting about them again on this main account.

On a similar note, I have moved my Final Fantasy XIV posts to a new sideblog too! If you’re interested in the character I play as and want to follow her story/progress, please follow Fafani Fani of Ishgard.

With that, my blog returns to the artblog it’s supposed to be. ;D Stay tuned, I have a new original short comic coming out soon!

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  • shinjinotikari17Hello, I wanted to apologize for the reblog that I did, and as such I have took it down from my blog. It's just that I can mistake a thing that you don't like a certain aspect of Layton with that of a rant on how the prequels suck compared to the first three games and I get offended easily, I promised I'll never do that again as I do enjoy your art and I don't have a grudge against you. Sorry for my stupidity shinjinotikari17
  • Really, this should have been in reply to the post, not a private message. Deleting the original post leaves a bit of a mess on Tumblr, and this sort of thing should be out in the open. We are both in this fandom together, no need to keep things hush-hush, especially when drama can generate from such things. But I digress.

    I’m glad to hear you don’t have a grudge against me, as I bear no ill will on others. Thank you for the apology too, but do please talk to me directly and responsibly next time. Or alternatively, keep posts about dislike of me personally private, as posts like that should be.

    On a lighter note: Do you really think if I hated the prequels so much and thought they sucked, that I would spend many hours of my life drawing fanart of them? :) I won’t deny that I have issues with them as a fellow storyteller/professional, nor that people may misunderstand my issues with them as far as thinking I hate them, but surely it only takes one look at my gallery and all my Layton fanart to realise that isn’t true? Whilst I’d have to go back and count to be sure, I’m almost certain that the vast majority of my Layton fanart is based on the prequel trilogy. If me spending time of my life creating tribute art to those games doesn’t tell you I have at least an iota of like for them, I’m not sure what will. ;)

    I’m glad that you enjoy my artwork, and hope you continue to do so. As mentioned in the post, you can follow/reblog from me purely on Tumblr if you want to avoid any chance of me posting my feelings about the games that you disagree with. :D

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So far every screenshot I’ve seen of the US version has the same dialogue as the UK version, right down to the spellings. I heard they changed some names but now I’m really confused as to why this game came out 4 months after the EU release date???

The only thing I can really think of right now is that Nintendo US felt this was the most marketable time of year to release it? But even then I don’t have anything founded to base that on.

Also, wasn’t this what happened with Eternal Diva as well? It took ages to come out in the US and then when it did they just got a direct port of the UK version? It’s been a while, so I don’t remember exactly.

Likely it will just be down to dry boring businessy stuff, such as the licence and the contracts. Things distributed by region need to have contracts negotiated by region. Many things in the game, like the voice acting, are frequently licensed for one region initially, then the contract is negotiated again later for more regions.

Especially since some of the UK actors are very… UK-only. It’s difficult to describe, but their primary work is within British children’s media. They will rarely or never do overseas work - not because of any principle of belief, just because that’s how their job goes. They’re here, recording and performing all the time, for British TV/similar media. There’s probably a lot of paperwork right there, and also this is why BBC’s overseas offerings are limited too.

Not to mention that the biggest regional barrier is distribution. It took forever for Eternal Diva to come out in the US because a US distributor had to negotiate the rights from both the Japanese and UK distributors, not a small feat at all. It can take months and months of paperwork and legalities for these things to happen.

Admittedly, I would imagine Nintendo would negotiate worldwide contracts from the start. But even if they do, there will be parts they might need to revisit to distribute something in a new region most likely. Any electronic digital media distributed tends to be distributed on a regional basis, which, the more people involved in that process, the more high the paperwork piles. That’s probably why there was a four month wait, and frankly four months is nothing (sorry to downplay the wait!). Games can take years to be negotiated for a new region, I tend to think of four months as getting off lightly!

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